What exactly is Formula 1?

The term Formula 1 is widely known among the motor racing fans across the globe. In fact, Formula 1 racing car is manufactured to be vastly different from the conventional car models we see every day. Even the person who drives a Formula 1 car should stay fit and be athletic; if you don’t have a nicely shaped body, you might not fit in its seat.  

Every Formula 1 car comes with unique aerodynamic design in order to gain maximum speed. The brake system of these speed-monsters is sufficient enough to bring down the speed to 60-70 km/h from about 200 km/h within a matter of seconds. Usually this process puts a lot of force on the driver and hence he must be ready and fit enough to withstand such force.  

When it comes to a Formula 1 race, it is the strategy that decides the winner or the loser. Tire wear and the fuel capacity of the car are vital aspects that empower this strategy. The suspension system of the car is another crucial element; it helps the car to deploy the engine power and the other forces. 

Important messages are sent to the drivers by the marshals using flags during the race. Apart from the flags, modern Formula 1 cars are assisted with GPS marshals too. To be frank, Formula 1 is not the best sport for those who are too sensitive and have fear; a significant amount of danger involved with each event of this exciting sport. As of today, Formula 1 racing has attracted massive number of sponsors and an enormous amount of money is involved with it. A lot of branding and advertising has come to play today in this exciting event. The Formula 1 drivers and crew members are regarded with great respect.