Formalities related to company formation UK

The demand for company formation UK has increased over the past decade significantly; after all, the UK is considered to be one of the most ideal places to start a business. In fact, company formation UK is quite an easy task thanks to the simplistic and transparent set of rules implemented by the Government. Company formation UK service is obtained by variety of entrepreneurs ranging from small scale business to massive companies.

Company formation UK is basically done with the guidance of Companies House, the official body related to business formations in the UK. Companies House demands some paperwork together with the respective registration fee, however, to initiate the formation process. Here are the documents required by Companies House.

01. MoA (Memorandum of Association) including the following information;
a. The name of the company
b. Official address of the company
c. The objectives of the company

02. AoA (Articles of Association)
Articles of Association basically outline the rules and regulations pertaining to the management of company’s internal affairs.

03. Form 10 (Includes following information)
a. Details of the directors: Names, addresses, present occupation and other professional profiles applied during the past 5 years
b. Information of the Company Secretary

04. Form 12 (it certifies the company’s compliance with the legal requirements)
This particular form should be signed by the solicitor who assists the respective company formation process. If not, it can be signed either by a director or the secretary before a;
– Commissioner of oaths
– Solicitor
– Notary public
– Or a Justice of the peace

To avoid the complications pertaining to the company registration process, many business owners consider seeking the service of a company formation agent. Such agent can simplify the process using their experience and ensure a smooth company formation quicker.

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