An insight to Apostille UK

One time or another, you might have to seek the assistance of Apostille UK. This article provides a brief insight to the Apostille UK for your reference.

Apostille certification is a document authentication type; such certification gives the respective document an international acknowledgement. In general, Apostille UK certificate comes as a small certificate (which is embossed) attached to the respective document. The documents come with Apostille certificates are accepted by the respective authorities in the countries where Apostille certification is recognized (countries that have signed Hague Convention). However, an Apostille certification cannot necessarily certify that the information in the respective document is correct; it says that the document is an original one instead.

The information available in an Apostille certificate
Generally, following information will be available in any Apostille certificate.
– Country of origin
– Name of the signatory and his/her designation
– Details about the stamp on the document
– Place of issue and date of issue
– Issuing authority
– Certificate number (Apostille serial)
– Stamp of the issuing authority

What sort of documents can obtain Apostille UK certification
Here is a list of documents that can obtain Apostille certificates
– Birth certificates
– Marriage certificates
– Death certificate
– Educational qualifications obtained from public bodies
– Bank account documents
– Vocational training certificates obtained from public bodies
– Power of attorney
– Criminal Record clearance certificates
– Deeds
– Court orders etc

Generally, people look for the assistance of certified Apostille UK agents to get their documents validated. If not, the certification process can be a little complicated and may take some time. Presently, in the UK, there are various professional bodies to offer Apostille certification service. As a responsible client, you must always opt for a well reputed, experienced and professional Apostille agent to get your certificates Apostilled.